Lovenut London is a small and lively ethical jewellery brand based in South East London.

The inspiration and skills behind this truly innovative and ethical jewellery brand is Danielle. Born in London with a Seychelloise heritage, Danielle spent time living in Mahé, Rio and Paris, before returning to her native city. Her rich, free- spirited experiences of nomadic movement, nature and culture inform the conceptual, yet organic Lovenut London designs. All Lovenut London pieces are crafted by Danielle in her London studio, with Fairmined precious metals, creating jewellery which is beautiful from the inside out.

Danielle has a degree in philosophy and politics, and a background as a museum curator, organising events at the British Museum that engage local and marginalized communities. As an intellectually curious individual, the social, ecological and international workings of the world, particularly how things are made and where they come from, have always been areas of interest for Danielle. Her aspiration has always been to create a relaxed, luxury jewellery brand, with an attitude of irreverence that is joyful and vibrant in its designs, but also ethically and socially just.

After receiving her training at Holts Academy in Hatton Garden, Danielle started Lovenut London as a positive, ethical enterprise from the roots, in the belief that business can be socially impactful. She believes that beautiful jewellery can be made with a purpose, and that it has the potential to change lives, especially when one works with communities, creates jobs and opportunities and uses design to raise awareness. Our mission of positive image, diversity and empowering women is manifested through the women we choose to work and collaborate with.

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